ockerbie Academy School Board
A note from the Chairman…

The School Board works in conjunction with the school management team n order to achieve the best for the school and pupils alike.

Our aim is to work closely with parents, students and members of staff, in a true spirit of partnership, to make a positive contribution to the existing high values and standards of the school.

Willie Henderson
Lockerbie Academy’s School Board currently has the following members:

Mr W Henderson Chairman, Parent Member
Mr P Thomas Vice Chairman, Parent Member
Mr G Ferrie Staff Member
Mr D Brockett Staff Member
Mr R Laidlaw Parent Member
Rev. D Almond Co-opted Member
Mrs N Rew Treasurer, Co-opted Member
Mr R Lewis Parent Member
Ms A Kacedan Parent Member
Head Boy and Head Girl Sixth Year Representatives
Mrs B Matthews Clerk to the Board
If you have any questions regarding the School Board, please e-mail the Chairman – school.board@lockerbie-academy.co.uk